12-year-old injured in drive by shooting, police say part of group’s crime spree in Hendersonville

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A group of six young men, including four teens, is accused of going on a crime spree in Hendersonville on Wednesday night, ending with them in handcuffs and now facing attempted murder charges.

Around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, a car stopped in front of a house on Cole Ct. and fired 27 bullets, according to police.

Turns out it’s the home of a few area hip hop artists.

“I was on the phone, next thing ya know, I just heard like some baby little shots, it was probably like, it was so fast, it be happening so fast, so you just can’t really count the shots. It’s just like a lot of little shots,” one of them named Tanker told News 2 Thursday.

“It happened quick, we were asleep,” another named Zay said.

Their 12-year-old little sister was hit in the foot and a bullet grazed their father’s arm, both are expected to be okay. Three bullets also hit a neighbor’s home.

“You don’t know who these people were?” News 2 asked the men.

“Not at all,” Zay said, “We got a lot of haters, we make music, so we got a lot of haters in the city.”

But it didn’t start here. Police say the first call came from an apartment on Sanders Ferry Road about 30 minutes earlier.

“There was an attempted home invasion some males had knocked on the door, when they answered it, they tried to get in. There was a slight scuffle, they pushed them out the door,” Lt. Wayne Clifford with the Hendersonville Police Department told News 2, adding that they believe the men had the wrong apartment.

While police were investigating the house shooting, another call came in from Vietnam Veteran’s Boulevard.

“There was a citizen behind a car where they had reported the car in front of them was shooting guns outside the car and across the interstate,” Lt. Clifford explained.

That’s how police say they were able to catch the men, pulling the vehicle over on Gallatin Road to find two 18-year-olds, Rayzhn Hagans from Goodlettsville and Korry Graham from Madison with four 17-year-olds from Hendersonville and Goodlettsville.

“There were three weapons recovered—two pistols, one of which was stolen, and an AK-47 type weapon also,” said Lt. Clifford.

Lt. Clifford added most of the young men have prior criminal histories.

“I believe that’s the mentality of the young juveniles these days, is we can do this we can get away with it,” said Lt. Clifford.

News 2 asked the hip hop artists if they felt bad they had frightened their neighbors and they said they were sorry.

“I wouldn’t want to bring that here on purpose intentionally,” said Zay.

The group is facing five counts of attempted first-degree murder as well as aggravated assault and burglary. Police say if it weren’t for people calling 911, they don’t think they would have been able to catch them so fast.

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