NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s new information about a 2011 lawsuit filed by TV personality Erin Andrews against a West End Marriott hotel and the man found guilty of secretly videotaping her in her room.

Marriott International told News 2 it has been dismissed from the lawsuit. The company wrote in a statement:

We would first like to say that Marriott International remains sympathetic to the ordeal that Erin Andrews went through because of the criminal conduct of a third party, who was convicted. As we have maintained since this matter first came to our attention, however, Marriott International was not responsible for what happened to Ms. Andrews, and we are pleased that the Court has dismissed Marriott International from the case. Marriott International continues to be sensitive to the serious nature of this matter and remains committed to the safety and comfort of our guests.

Andrews stayed in Nashville in September 2008. Michael Barrett was in the room next to her.

He tampered with the peep hole of a hotel door and recorded her nude.