CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Clarksville couple, less than two weeks away from their wedding day, is asking for help to get a refund from their wedding planner.

Staff Sgt. E-6 Asher Prentice and Sgt. Faith Prentice met while they were stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia.

Faith was in charge of supplies and helped Asher learn the ropes as he had been promoted to doing a similar duty.

Over time, the work colleagues became friends and eventually started dating.

They got married in Sept. 2015 because it looked like Asher was going to be deployed in the spring. When that didn’t happen, the couple started planning a March wedding.

“We were going to get married in Atlanta,” Faith said. “But it was expensive so we decided to look in Nashville since we live in Clarksville.”

Faith then found Premier Party Planning, LLC on the internet.

According to it’s website, the party planning business provides an event “created with class and fabulosity [sic].”

As facts of the company, the website lists a banquet hall more than 4,000 square feet large, lounge and bar area, seating capacity with tables of up to 200, and spacious parking.

The contact information lists “Angela.” News 2 found out the owner is Angela Warfield-Nevils.

“My husband and I went to meet with her,” Faith told News 2. “She had some real good plans, so I gravitated toward that.”

Faith continued, “She was saying all the right [things] in regard to the package; it was including a photographer and a DJ. It just sounded really good.”

However, within weeks, the Prentices started to have issues. The first one came up involving the venue.

Warfield-Nevels had planned to use her own reception space but told the couple that planned renovations on the bathroom would mean the space would not be ready in time for their March 19, 2016 wedding.

The Prentices told News 2 they met with the owner of another venue along with Warfield-Nevils.

They said they paid $2,100 to secure the new venue and another $500 to settle the $3,300 account balance for the wedding.

But Faith told News 2 when she texted Warfield-Nevils to change out one of the planned menu items, the conversation ended with the wedding planner quitting.

“I told her it was fine, just reimburse my $3,300.” Faith said.

Faith told News 2 that Warfield-Nevils told her that she had paid $2,100 to the new venue owner. Faith continued that Warfield-Nevils also said she was due money for curtains she bought for the reception and $400 for the food tasting.

Faith paid the initial $500 deposit in November with her credit card. She told News 2 she disputed that charge and within days received a letter dated Feb. 27.

The letter stated Premier Party Planning, LLC was bankrupt and that a lawyer would be contacting the couple.

News 2 called the number listed on the party planning website. A woman who identified herself as Angela Warfield-Nevils told News 2 her business is closed and she is filing for bankruptcy.

When we asked for contact information to contact her attorney, she would not give it to News 2.

On Tuesday, we went to the address for Premier Party Planning, LLC listed on the Internet. There was no answer and the doors were locked.

Our crews also went to the address listed on the business permit on file with Metro-Nashville. They knocked on the door, but no one answered.

News 2 called the number listed on the Internet again on Tuesday. There was no answer. Our crews left a message and are waiting to hear back.

The Prentices are working with a new wedding coordinator now.

On Saturday, their new wedding coordinator contacted Faith and said another bride she is working is having issues with Premier Party Planning, LLC.

That bride-to-be, Shieka Crump, emailed News 2 as well. She wrote that she hired Warfield-Nevils in Oct. 2015 and gave her a $500 deposit.

She wrote, “We were told we would have a food tasting, which never happened.”

The email continues, “We were told there would be renovations made to her building and we would be shown the renovations by December of 2015, but it never happened.”

Crump wrote that after months of trying to get a meeting with Warfield-Nevils, she contacted her on March 5 to tell her they would not “need her services and we wanted a refund.”

According to Crump, Warfield-Nevils told her the money went to the DJ.

The Prentices are going forward with their wedding on March 19. In fact, they will be able to use the second venue they paid the $2,100 to Warfield-Nevils to set up. They have already been able to hire their own vendors.

“We want to make it as special as we can because we have family coming from a long way,” Faith said. “This is my first marriage and it shouldn’t have been this stressful.”

She continued, “I reached out to her again and said just take out what you think we owe you and send us the rest. She didn’t respond.”

News 2 continues to investigate the business practices of Premier Party Planning, LLC in Madison, Tennessee.

If you have worked with the company, please contact Investigative Reporter Joseph Pleasant at