Couple building their dream home out of shipping containers


A couple in Wisconsin is building their dream home almost entirely out of shipping containers.

Sitting on the edge of the Milwaukee River is a home made almost entirely out of shipping containers. Each one carefully placed by a crane.

“We want something that’s contemporary. We want something that’s different,” said Amy Plato.

“The first floor is three containers all parallel with each other. Second floor is two containers perpendicular to those. And then the sixth container is the stairway tower,” said Kevin Plato.

Kevin and Amy Plato say it took six years of owning the property and researching options before coming up with the idea.

“We’ve been searching for a home for a long time even before we bought this property and once we saw the shipping container we were like wow. And we both loved it,” said Amy.

Complete with an 1800 square foot open floor plan, large picture windows, and a second-floor bedroom extending out into space. The Plato’s take full advantage of their river views.

“We’re this when we turn around. Look at that the view of the tower along with the cantilevered bedroom is just really amazing.”

When asked what the difference was between a shipping container house and a regular house, the answer was not much.

“The only thing that’s different. It’s a steel structure and it’s not made from two by fours. So the heating and the cooling are exactly the same,” said Amy.

A one of a kind modern home in the middle of Grafton, Wisconsin.

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