NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Clown sightings are becoming more popular and with Halloween more than a month away, law enforcement across the state is not taking it lightly.

News 2 checked in with a popular costume store in Nashville to hear what they are telling customers.

It is far from a game. The clown scare sweeping the south is a real concern for some but entertainment for others.

“I actually thought about being a clown for a costume contest but probably not now,” said Jody Booker.

“People having clown sightings or clown attacks, I think it is kind of funny,” another shopper told News 2.

Cody Bottoms says it does have organizers of his yard haunt rethinking the way they will set up this year for Halloween.

“We are going to be taking a little bit of extra precautions just in case. Just in case anyone decides they want to try to come into our yard.”

One of the owners of Performance Studios says more traffic is coming through since the trend became popular.

“Over the weekend, we did see an increase in clown costumes.”

Booker expects it to fade out

“It’s probably more of a bandwagon thing that will totally fade away after a while. Plus, there is the Stephen King ‘IT’ movie coming out, Rob Zombie just came out with ’31’ which has clowns,” Booker said.

While the clown craze is boosting business, folks here say there are some safety tips before putting on a mask in public.

Gary Broadrick with Performance Studios believes it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

“It is hard for other people seeing a human with a latex mask on, whether it’s clowns or any kind and not being afraid of it,” he said.

That is why he is offering a warning at the door.

“Don’t get shot, and don’t get arrested with these clown masks on,” Broadrick told News 2.

He is hoping no one will clown around near the wrong people.

“I’d feel really bad if I found out that somebody bought a mask of any kind from us just to have some fun and got hurt.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the Portland Police Department cited four people for dressing up as clowns near the high school last week.

WBBJ reports that a Dyersburg High School was put on lockdown because of a clown sighting.