Copper thieves strike again; Law enforcement agencies come together to help stop it

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This week copper thieves struck Montgomery County, leaving apartments with thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

C. Blackwell Construction said this week they had six apartments stripped of their copper wire on Rollow Lane in Montgomery County. 

That incident is being investigated by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. 

Meanwhile, Clarksville Police say copper thieves have hit so many times in their jurisdiction – they are working with other agencies to fight back. 

“There’s so many that there’s actually a task force that’s been formed to address the issue of the copper thefts,” said Jim Knoll, spokesperson for the Clarksville Police Department. 

Since last September, Clarksville Police said they’ve investigated 36 cases of copper theft. 

C. Blackwell Construction foreman, David Baggett, said this week marks the first time their apartments have been targeted. 

Last year, multiple homes were hit. 

Baggett added, “It’s gotta be somebody that knows exactly where everything is ran.” 

Law enforcement says the technicality of copper theft, leads them to theorize the same thing. 

“These guys have some sort of knowledge of construction, they have some sort of knowledge of HVAC systems,” said Jim Knoll. 

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