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The Grinch is at it again. This time, he is after you.

Scammers are known to come out of the woodwork this time of year. News 2’s Morgan Hightower is helping you fight back against the Grinches that are out to ruin your holiday. 

Watch her News 2 Special: Holiday Scam Buster 

One of those stories you’ll see is about the popular pet scam. This is where scammers post photos of adorable dogs and cats or sale on websites. People who fall for this scam never get their pets and lose their money. The woman Morgan spoke to lost more than $1,000. 

Another is the Secret Sister gift exchange, which has already started to pop up on Facebook. This gift exchange is not only a scam, but it’s also illegal. Morgan will explain that one as well. 

We expose the bad guys’ tactics so you can stay safe this holiday season. 

Stories featured include:

Scammers might be the ones offering travel deals this holiday season

As holidays approach, beware of phishing emails disguised as shipping information

Fake Black Friday coupons make the rounds on social media 

Twice scammed: Nashville man’s grandparents target of scam

Secret sister gift exchange is back–and it’s still a scam

Job scams ramp up during holiday season

Before giving your hard-earned cash, beware of phony charities on Giving Tuesday

Clarksville woman who fell for pet scam shares her story as warning

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