NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Con artists have set their eyes on electric company customers in the Nashville area in hopes of taking their money.

Nashville Electric Service (NES) warned about recent reports of people impersonating subcontractors going door-to-door and using false pretenses to gain access to their homes.

NES said scammers have used fake stories to alarm customers, like saying “the power line connecting to their house is shooting fire,” or that the meter is not working properly.

Then, the scammer finds a way to get into the customer’s home to supposedly check the electrical outlets. Later, they present the homeowner with a fake invoice.

NES said these con artists are using tactics that intimidate customers to make them believe there is a life-threatening situation and to not call NES.

There are several things customers can keep in mind to avoid being targeted by scammers.

NES said it does not go door-to-door to get payment for any type of service. All NES field employees can be identified clearly with a uniform, ID and marked company car. The employees would never keep you from calling NES.

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In addition to this door-to-door scam, NES reminds people to not give personal information to a caller, even if the caller threatens to cut off your power. That is also a scam.

If you have doubts about an onsite visit, phone call, email, or text, reach out to NES at 615-736-6900 before taking any action.