Nashville-Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is warning residents to be aware of a phone scam currently on the rise.

Reports indicate a male caller claims to be a Davidson County sheriff’s deputy and claims a failure to appear in court or failure to appear for jury duty.

The caller says the failure has resulted in a warrant and if the individual on the phone doesn’t pay a specified fine, the warrant will be executed and the person or a family member will be thrown in jail.

“Unfortunately, these callers have enough personal information they can be convincing,” Hall said. “It’s important to note our deputies would never call and demand residents place money on a pre-paid debit or credit card, ask how much cash they can withdraw from an ATM, or make threats of arrest. Do not cooperate with these scammers.”

Hall advises to gather as many details as you possibly can, including the caller’s phone number, and report the incident to the Metropolitan Police Department Fraud Unit at 615.862.7594.

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