Construction workers find nearly 1,000 human teeth inside wall

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Talk about a rotten discovery. 

Construction workers in Valdosta, Georgia reportedly discovered an estimated 1,000 human teeth last week after they cracked open a wall as they were renovating an older building. 

The building was once occupied by a dentist named Clarence Whittington in 1900, Harry Evans, a researcher for the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum told the Valdosta Daily Times. 

He added that the building was then occupied by another dentist until at least 1930. 

“We’re trying to put puzzle pieces together, so what we’re thinking is that the dentist that was above the drug store was the Dr. Youmans that we have the receipt from,” Ellen Hill, the Valdosta Main Street director, told the Valdosta Daily Times.

“We can’t find any direct family for [Youmans] so we can’t find out exactly what happened,” Davis added.

But this apparently isn’t the first time that human teeth have been found in Georgia buildings. 

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, teeth have also been found in Greensboro and Carrollton. 

“I’m not sure if it was common practice between dentists at that time, but it’s very strange that there were two people that said, ‘Hey, we’ve had that happen, too,’” Hill said.

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