Construction worker pulled to safety from truck dangling over bridge


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tierra Hunt, a construction worker wearing her uniform and hard hat, was driving to work on Briley Parkway near the Clarksville Pike exit Wednesday morning about 6 a.m. when 18-wheeler moved in front of her.

“It was a lot of brown dust and sand in the air and a lot of rocks being thrown onto cars,” said Hunt.

Hunt changed lanes to get away from the truck, and the driver of another car did the same. Then, both drivers slammed on their breaks to avoid getting hit by rocks and debris.

“I swerved to go around him,” Hunt said. She further explained that her truck hopped over the guardrail after severe swerving.MORE: Truck ends up lodged on Briley Parkway barrier bridge

Hunt stated the engine was still running with the back tires rotating, pushing the truck forward when a couple of other drivers pulled over. They helped get Hunt to safety before emergency responders arrived.

Hunt stated she didn’t have any physical wounds giving credit to her hard hat and seat belt. She will never forget the strangers who helped her.

“They could have just kept going, without knowing,” she said.

Police have not been able to identify the truck driver that caused the falling debris.

As for Hunt: She broke down in tears when asked her about the people who pulled her out of her truck as it dangled over a bridge. On Friday, she watched a video that captured the incident.

In the chaos of the moment, Hunt didn’t get the names of the good Samaritans who helped her.

However, Hunt wanted to say to them, “Thank you. Thank you so much for saving my life. It means a lot to me, because I could have died.”

If you were one of the good Samaritans who helped Hunt get out of her truck, please email

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