NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A key part of the Nashville Yards project in downtown Nashville is now on hold.

Los Angeles-based AEG is stopping construction on an entertainment complex planned for the site.

AEG had discussed plans for an entertainment complex, including a performance venue at the site on Church Street between 9th and 10th avenues.

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In a statement released to News 2, an AEG spokesman cited the impact of COVID-19.

“AEG remains enthusiastic about the Nashville Yards project and the Nashville market. After completing an extensive 10-month excavation on the 5.5-acre site in mid-September, we have elected to pause briefly before proceeding to the next phase of construction. With the continued significant impacts of the COVID pandemic on our business and the economy more generally, we believe that the prospects for successful completion and opening of this exciting project will be best served by waiting until we are emerging from the COVID pandemic before proceeding with the next phase. We do not have a definitive timetable yet, but expect that conditions will allow for a start of vertical construction sometime in 2021.”

They do expect construction to resume sometime in 2021.

The Nashville Yards project is proceeding with the Grand Hyatt hotel opening up earlier this month.

Amazon’s center for excellence is slated to open inside the Nashville Yards project next year.