Concerns over Warren county intersection


After a string of dangerous and deadly crashes, community members are speaking out with concern about an intersection in their community. 

Last Thursday, the Highway Patrol said a passenger died in an ambulance, near the intersection of Highway 70 South and Rock Island Road. Troopers say the ambulance overturned after it was hit by a driver under the influence of drugs, who failed to yield. 

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Photos obtained by News 2 showed other accidents at the intersection involving sober drivers too. 

“The problem with that intersection is the speed limit is 65, so when you pull out you may see somebody off in the distance and think you’ve got plenty of time – but they’re traveling at 65.” said Blaine Wilcher, a Warren County Commissioner. 

Commissioner Wilcher said in the past year he’s spent a lot of time alking to state officials – advocating for flashing hazard lights.  

“Since January 2017, there’s been 12 accidents and four fatalities.” said Wilcher. 

News 2 reached out to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for an update on the status of flashing hazards. 

In an email a T-DOT representative said, 

We have two flashing beacon projects in development in Warren County on U.S. 70S. 

The locations are as follows:
U.S. 70S (SR-1) at SR-288 (Old Rock Island Road)
U.S. 70S (SR-1) at SR-136 (Rock Island Road).
The environmental studies have been completed on these projects, and they are scheduled to have bids opened on October 5, 2018 . Assuming we are able to award a contract, work would begin 30-45 days later. Until we have a contract, we won’t know exact completion date.” 
Community members said they hope the project can come under contract, sooner – with the goal of saving more lives. 

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