Community Oversight Now does final push for voters


On Monday night, supporters for the Community Oversight Board traveled across Nashville encouraging people to vote.

Gicola Lane and Theeda Murphy helped create the campaign coalition, Community Oversight Now, after Jocques Clemmons was shot by a Metro Police officer back in 2017.

Lane said Clemmon’s death and the death of Daniel Hambrick, in July of this year, are just a few of the reasons she wants accountability. 

“Police accountability has been a long-standing issue here in Nashville, and my uncle was actually also killed by the police. Timothy Lane, in the year 2000,” said Lane. 

Throughout the evening, she and Murphy traveled by bus; hoping to stop in as many communities as possible. Their goal was to encourage voters to vote for Amendment 1. 

The Amendment would create an 11 person board to investigate complaints against Metro Police. 

“It’s something that the community needs, wants,” said Murphy. 

The Fraternal Order of Police disagrees. 

They’ve said the Community Oversight Board would be biased against police officers. 

In September, News 2 spoke with the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police President, James Smallwood. 

Smallwood told us there’s already sufficient oversight in place. 

“Whether it be the Office of Professional Accountability, which is led by civilians….or the Post Commission ….or the grand jury or the civil service commission; all those different commissions and entities have the ability to investigate and discipline officers.” 

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