Community Oversight group looks to win over voters before Nov. election


On Saturday, a group that wants more oversight of Metro Police canvassed neighborhoods – hoping to win over voters.  

Community Oversight Now Coalition wants a civilian board to investigate complaints about police; back in August, the group collected enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot this November.  

“There’s oversight boards for school boards, churches, why not the police?” said Sandra Porter, a Community Oversight Now Coalition volunteer.  

In exactly one month, on November 6, voters across Nashville will vote for or against an 11-person civilian review board for Metro Police.  

Saturday afternoon, Porter and 16 other coalition members canvassed voters in North and East Nashville.  

“I don’t even think it just affects African American people, but all citizens of Nashville. It allows for accountability and transparency over everything from budgeting to policy and procedures that are in place.”  

News 2 has spoken to the Fraternal Order of Police about their thoughts on the proposed Community Oversight Board.  

“If you’ve got a complaint that you feel like you’ve been slighted by the police or a police officer did something wrong – there are several entities you can go to whether that be the NAACP, the Mayor’s office, the office of professional accountability or the officer’s supervisor. We feel like those entities perform well, we feel like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.” James Smallwood, President of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police, told News 2 back in September.  

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