Community Oversight Board holds second emergency meeting


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Metro Nashville Community Oversight Board held a second emergency meeting Wednesday night.

Dozens of people filled the room, however, MNPD Police Chief Steve Anderson was not in attendance.

Hundreds of people signed a petition demanding that Anderson be at the meeting.

“The community expects us to keep extending that invitation,” said Ashlee Davis, chair of the COB.

“We know right now that everyone isn’t giving their 100 percent effort,” Davis said.

COB members say all parties need to be at the table.

“That opportunity was wasted,” said William Weeden, executive director of the COB. “But, we’ll continue to make efforts on our part.”

Ten months after voters overwhelmingly passed the COB, the group is still trying to figure out its relationship with police.

Much of the issue stems from the COB’s claim about not getting important documents from police.

“I’m disappointed in the fact that we hadn’t received those records,” Weeden said.

One email shows the COB’s request for 19 years worth of data.

The police department says it’s fulfilling each request they are legally allowed to.

In an email sent to News 2 last week, police wrote that the board was asking for 13 million pages of documents.

Chief Anderson shared his side of the story in an email to Weeden which explained why he didn’t attend the meeting.

The following is part of that email:

“On any meeting I attend I attempt to gather as much subject matter information as possible prior to the meeting so that I am prepared to disseminate accurate, pertinent and correct information to the public. It does not appear that this agenda item is defined in a manner that would allow meaningful public discussion.”

“The preceding responses have provided significant information concerning the agenda items you have raised. Therefore, it is unnecessary for me to attend the recently scheduled meeting in order to restate the material in this message.”

Click here to see Chief Anderson’s full response.

Mayor David Briley and Mayor-elect John Cooper were also invited to the meeting.

Neither were in attendance.

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