Community gathers to pray for missing fishermen in Hardin County


HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s been more than one week since three boaters went missing after a high school fishing tournament.

They left from Obion County and traveled to Pickwick Lake in Hardin county.

Authorities say 43-year-old chaperon, Kenneth Driver, and two 15-year-old boys from Obion High School were last seen near the dam Saturday, February 22nd.

More than one hundred members from both counties gathered near the Savannah river Sunday to light a candle and lift up prayers.

“We’re praying to find these men, we’re praying for the family, we know this is a time of tremendous grief and sorrow for them and we just want to uphold them in prayer and let them know of the kind of support that they have from all of us,” Minister David Baker with Grace Point Church told News 2.

The park is near the bridge where the boat of the three missing men was found Monday.

Authorities say the boat’s engine broke and they were pulled over the flood gates of the Pickwick dam on the morning of February 22nd.

“It’s been really hard, I have two kids of my own,” said Michael Davis the Director of Schools for Hardin County, “We have a thousand kids in our school system…. and I’ve been in touch with their director schools in Obion County and their principal and they’ve been hurting this week, and when other school systems hurt about their kids, we hurt.”

This prayer vigil was organized by Savannah High School fishing coach Dana Stricklin and community member Ricky Alexander.

“So many of us have felt completely hopeless. None of us knew what to do, how to help,” Alexander told News 2, “I think today was important not only for our community, not only for Obion County’s community but us as a whole, to come together and show what small towns are about.”

Search crews of law enforcement and volunteers head out every.

“We’ve had helicopters in the air looking plus boats in the river, but we have not come with anything yet,” said Hardin County Sheriff Johnny Alexander.

But weather poses a challenge.

“The wind today, we could not get any helicopter in the air today, so we had to do everything from water today,” Sheriff Alexander told News 2, “They’re talking about rain coming in for a couple days, so that’s going to hinder us a bit, but as soon as it breaks, we’ll be back on it hot and heavy.”

For now, the community continues to pray.

“We’ve got to look at the good at what comes out of tough challenges, and we’re still gonna continue to pray for hope and a good ending,” Davis said.

Sheriff Davis says search crews plan to go out every day, weather permitting until they find the missing men.

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