A lot of projects are in the works in Spring Hill to keep up with the growing population. 

The city’s Economic Development Coordinator Kayce Williams told News 2 that her department processed 840 residential building permits last year. In 2017, there were 699.

“We thought we were staring down 1,000 building permits for 2018, which is really not what you want to do,” Williams explained. “It’s just going a little too fast.”

However, city leaders are doing their best to keep up despite rapid growth.

“Developers [and] builders, residential and commercial, know exactly what’s expected of them from the city,” Williams said. “We changed the designations of the zonings — we didn’t change any one’s zoning, but the designations and the guidelines for the uses that are allowed in those zonings — and it’s really helped us have a better grip on the steering wheel, so to speak, than we have in the past.”

Residents have a lot to look forward to as more projects get going, including large companies and more jobs in the area. 

Fortune 500 company and GM supplier Faurecia is in the process of relocating to a new building on Claiborne Road.

Williams said there’s a new learning center for kids called the Experience Child Development Center that will soon relocate to Spring Hill, and Union Sportsman’s Alliance recently moved its national headquarters there, too. 

Plus, Station Hill Office Suites is building on Reserve Boulevard, which will make way for smaller businesses to open offices.

The most recent census counted 40,436 residents in Spring Hill. However, due to overwhelming growth in the area, the upcoming 2020 census is projected to add many more. Officials say the city is growing by around 2,000 people each year. 

Of course, more people means more rooftops are needed.

“There are 15,000 [new homes in the works], I believe, but there are 9,500 rooftops that have been approved that haven’t even been built yet,” Williams said. “So it’s growing by leaps and bounds, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.”

With new businesses and homes comes more entertainment —  and there are mixed-use developments in the works, too. 

One of the more significant developments is closer to Interstate-65 and Saturn Parkway. Another 100-acre development is also going in right in the middle of town. 

“There is a large piece of property where the Tennessee Children’s Home has been for years and years and years,” Williams told News 2. “This developer has come in and is going to completely reenergize that entire space and turn it into a true mixed-use development with retail, commercial, hospitality, food, a variety of different housing options. It’ll all be within one contained area and create a new, vibrant downtown area for us as a city.”

Williams said a 50-acre, mixed-use development is also under construction on Port Royal. Residential portions of that development should be under construction before the end of the year.