(NEXSTAR/WKRN) – Colonial Pipeline is set to resume full operations Wednesday, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm confirmed in a tweet.

Granholm said that the company’s CEO, Tim Felt, said that normal operations would restart around 5 p.m., adding that more details would follow.

The announcement comes after President Biden expressed optimism that a close to the nightmare for drivers in the Southeast was close to resolution following a cyberattack that froze the pipeline.

“We have been in very, very close contact with Colonial Pipeline,” Biden said Wednesday. “I think you’re going to hear some good news in the next 24 hours and I think we’ll be getting that under control.”

Colonial Pipeline delivers about 45% of the East Coast’s gas.

The system stretches all the way from Texas to New Jersey and provides gas for much of the southeast including about 45% of the East Coast’s gas.

The company halted operations over the weekend as a precaution following last week’s cyberattack. A large part of the pipeline resumed operations manually late Monday.

On Tuesday, agencies across Middle Tennessee began urging drivers not to panic-buy gas, as it could prevent their crews from fueling up to respond to emergencies.

This is a developing story; the Associated Press contributed to this report.