NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Fashion will be front and center as the red carpet rolls out for the 57th annual CMA Awards Wednesday in downtown Nashville.

Helping piece all the looks of the show together is a team of stylists and tailors and at the helm is the CMA wardrobe supervisor.

“It’s a new set this year, I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve seen renderings. So basically the color palate is gold, black and there are some blue tones,” explained CMA wardrobe supervisor Amanda Sears.

Sometimes it’s the stars of the show, but mostly it’s who Sears refers to as “auxiliary” talent that her eyes are on.

“So if there are dancers or choirs or maybe there is a specific house band or the trophy presenters that hand out the trophies or escort people off the stage, I’m responsible for all of that,” said Sears.

Sears said metallics, silver tones, bold shades of red, mesh, and rhinestones will likely dominate this year’s show. While trends are top of mind, she has to ensure her talent doesn’t steal the show.

“So they are almost a moving part of the set. We want them to look appropriate, but the focus and the attention are not on them. So once they present the artists with their award, the idea is they kind of fade into the background. No offense to them,” said Sears.

From the shoes to the earrings, the details are important down to the last seam.

“You have to overbuy and have more options than you need, so you can always find something.”

The favorites make their way on a style board, which is then sent to a list of final decision-makers.

“You have a creative team from ABC, which they have input, there’s Robert Deaton the Executive Producer, he obviously has input, there’s a creative team so there’s a lot of people that might weigh in on a decision,” explained Sears.

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A decision that they hope keeps functionality in mind as the trophy presenters handle every single coveted glass award that goes out.

“We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions on the CMA Awards.”