Clean up in Sparta and White County heeding COVID-19 concerns


Sparta, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sparta in White County was particularly hard hit by the strong straight-line winds and a confirmed tornado early Sunday morning.

Clean-up and rebuilding are continuing, though the worry of COVID-19 is a concern.

Although the virus’ numbers are minimal for now in White County, Sheriff Steve Page knows that could change.

“Everybody is having to stay away from each other. Of course, everybody wants to lend a helping hand. But on the other hand, we’re trying to be safe and not spread the virus”, Sheriff Page explained.

“All the first responders in White County, we all came together. We all worked hard together. We’re all using hand sanitizer. We’re trying to find out the best plan of action to take care of the county. To clean up and help people as much as we can, but to stay safe at the same time”.

“Putnam County has come in and helped us as well. They had some responders come over and help us. White County is a God-fearing county and we’re proud to be here and we’re going to make it through this”.

Chief Deputy Kenny Dobson talked about precautions that are being taken:

“We’ve all got gloves. Like the sheriff said, we’re keeping our hands clean with the liquid and stuff, keeping everything clean, and trying to stay from being too close to each other. We’re trying to do what we can to keep the county safe and keep the people safe, and keep them healthy”.

Sheriff Page also said he is also taking precautions at the jail:

“We’ve quarantined the jail. Pretty much not letting visitors in unless we absolutely have to. Kind of no church, no lawyers, or anything inside the jail. We’re trying to protect the inmates, as well as the employees, keep virus out as much as we can”.

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