Clarksville Police ask for help in identifying vandals at construction site


In our Kid Crime Wave series, News 2 continues to track crime committed by juveniles. 

The latest case, a construction site in Clarksville that detectives believe may have been vandalized by kids. 

On April 1, Morgan Construction Company said they found windows shattered on six pieces of their equipment on their site at Civitan Park. 

The company is currently working on baseball fields. 

“What would you do if you spent three million dollars on this equipment and somebody done it to you?” said Mike Perry, a job superintendent with Morgan Construction Company. 

Perry said they’re still totaling up the damages but they know it’s going to be well over $20,000,

“That’s our livelihood that they tore up.” 

In March, Clarksville Police charged kids ages 11 to 17 with felony vandalism for destroying an office building. 

In that case, children told police they were “bored”. 

A Safety Officer and Dispatcher with Morgan Construction told News 2, the vandalism could impact their insurance premiums, 

“If they do not catch who’s responsible for it, [the vandalism] or they can’t hold somebody responsible for it, that’s something we have to claim on insurance. Which in turn, could make us pay higher premiums,” said Seth Morrison 

Morrison added, 

“It’s not just as simple as a few busted windows, it’s a big deal.” 

Clarksville Police is asking for the publics help in identifying who may have been at Civitan Park the night of the crime. 


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