Clarksville family spends Christmas searching for missing 19-year-old


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – While many people spent their Christmas holiday opening presents with loved ones, one Clarksville family spent the day searching for their missing son.

Zach Marsh, 19, has been missing for five days, disappearing between Friday night and Saturday morning.

“I know he wouldn’t run away and leave me at Christmas time,” said his mother, Sarah Alford.

A resident reported the car near the Cumberland River in Clarksville Saturday morning.

Marsh’s glasses were lying on the ground next to the car, his vape device about 30 feet away, and his jacket hanging on a branch, but no sign of him.

“They didn’t find a body, so I don’t think he’s in the river,” Alford said, “But maybe he is, but I don’t think he is.”

A receipt in his jacket pocket was time-stamped 9 p.m. at the Shell Gas station on White Bridge Road in Nashville.

“Right now, we have about a 12-hour gap,” his father, Erik Marsh told News 2, “I don’t know what he was doing in Nashville, so he somebody may have spotted him or his car at a store, at a game stop, at a movie theater, anything and everything that can kind of piece together.”

Marsh lives with friends in an apartment in Clarksville; they told his mom he never came home after an argument over rent.

Marsh’s parents say he had also recently quit a part-time job and was looking for something full time.

“It just does not seem right,” his father said, “I’m really hoping that he’s like you know what, I just need a fresh start I’m gonna go somewhere and disappear for a couple days and then maybe he got in over his head and doesn’t know what to do now and he’s afraid to reach out for help because he thinks he’s in trouble.”

“I just want him to know he’s not,” he added, “If you need help, you need help — we can get you out of whatever you’re in.”

“He was supposed to be at the house for Christmas,” Alford said, “And he’s gone, and I don’t know where he is.”

Several friends and family members launched boats in the river and walked along the embankment Christmas Day.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has opened a missing persons case and asks anyone with information to contact them at 931-648-8482.

There is a $5,000 dollar reward.

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