CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was a typical Saturday afternoon when Kiley Hernandez was riding a bike while her sisters were rollerskating through their neighborhood. Then, the 10-year-old girl said she saw a car and was shocked by what happened next.

“I hit my head and fell, and they kept on moving. I tried asking them to come back but they wouldn’t,” remembered Kiley.

She says some of what happened is still a blur, but she does remember the moment she was hit and then calling out for help.

“A car came up from behind them, and sideswiped her as she was crossing a road, and they just left her in the road. They didn’t stop, they didn’t look back to see if she was okay,” said Lanetta Hernandez, Kiley’s mother.

Mrs. Hernandez says she then received a phone call from her oldest daughter explaining what happened. She said after talking with Kiley, she found out, her 10-year-old crawled to the sidewalk for safety, after getting hit.

“I tried standing up, and my stomach really hurt, and I just asked him for help, or her, I was just saying help a lot of times,” said Kiley, “Made me feel upset and worried, and made me feel really really strange.”

Kiley’s dad quickly took her to the hospital, where doctors said she was in serious but stable condition. The Hernandez Family told News 2, she had a concussion.

“It was devastating to walk in because she had the neck brace on. It was devastating to see and hard to see your child go through that,” said Mrs. Hernandez. “Even if it was an accident, everybody makes mistakes. But, the fact that they didn’t pull over and its not like they didn’t know that they hit her, because she hit her head, the bike is messed up, there’s no way they missed it.”

According to police, the incident occurred around 1:30 pm, on Saturday, October 2. It was reported that the hit-and-run vehicle involved was a red SUV.

A new photo captured on surveillance video shows a vehicle matching the description in the area at the time of the incident, however, police have not confirmed whether or not it is the vehicle they are looking for. On Monday, Clarksville police said they do have a person of interest.

“Just to make this an easier process for us, and themselves, and to just turn themselves in,” said Mrs. Hernandez, pleading with the unknown driver.

A Nashville woman is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver. The woman who is donating the funds, says she doesn’t know the family but was touched by their story. To claim the reward, she is asking for people to contact the police.

Anyone with information or additional video is asked to please contact Officer Headley, at (931) 648-0656, ext. 5683. To remain anonymous, and be eligible for a different cash reward, call the Clarksville Montgomery County Crimestoppers Tipline at 931-645-8477.