HOPKINSVILLE, KY (WKRN) – Hopkinsville police are asking for the public’s help to identify suspects at the scene of a shooting incident at a park with children present.

According to police, it happened around 6 p.m. Monday night at East 2nd Street Park. Upon investigation, officers located one of the subjects seen on camera with a gun in his hand. PIO Michael Atkins says that subject is a juvenile who handed the gun to another person to dispose of the weapon. That individual disposed of the gun in the woods. Officers later located the weapon. Both the juvenile and person he handed the weapon to were arrested.

Atkins says the juvenile seen holding the gun on camera did not fire the weapon. The juvenile told police he took the gun out as someone else was shooting at him.

“He attempted to squeeze the trigger the gun did not go off and he took off running,” said Atkins.

Police believe the person who fired shots is also a juvenile.

“I’m not sure on number of shots fired. No shell casings were recovered on the scene and luckily nobody was injured in the incident,” said Atkins.

Atkins says the park is relatively new to the neighborhood and it’s extremely frustrating to see something happen like this with children present.

“Our kids should not have to fear or be afraid in a park. He wants the community to see that they see how serious this is. Hopefully this will spark something in individuals be like you know what… I am tired my kids go to that park I am going to say something,” said Atkins.

Atkins says they need the community to come forward with any information. So if you see something, say something.

Police still need help locating others that were present during the incident. If you see anyone you recognize in the photos, please contact the Hopkinsville Police Department at 270-890-1500.

Chief Clayton Sumner released the following statement on Facebook, “The innocent babies you see in these photos running for their lives didn’t ask to be in the middle of this! They deserve a safe place to play! They deserve to have adults in this community stand up and say “enough is enough”! It is all of our responsibility not to tolerate this type of reckless behavior in our city! I have said this a million times Hopkinsville, the police alone cannot stop these spontaneous type incidents. For the sake of all our loved ones, we as a community must decide that enough is enough!”

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No other information was immediately released.