FAIRVIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sources confirm that Fairview Police Chief Terry Harris and assistant chief Mark Sutton have both been suspended.

The action comes after one of their officers, Ronnie Williams, was arrested by Metro-Nashville police in a prostitution sting.

City Manager Wayne Hall did not return calls Friday, but Thursday he told News 2 he is investigating the circumstances of Williams’ hiring and subsequent resignation.

Reporter Andy Cordan asked Hall if he had seen a background check on Williams, also the former Millersville police chief, prior to hiring him. Hall said he saw a background check, but it may not have been complete or the most up-to-date.

When News 2 asked him why Williams was allowed to resign rather than be fired, which would be notated on his post certification possibly preventing him from going to another department, the city manager said the resignation happened before Hall was even alerted to the incident.

City manager Hall also told News 2 he does not believe he has been given all the information pertinent to this case, which is why they are investigating.

A high-ranking source in the department says Williams’ first day as a full-time officer for Fairview was Monday, Feb. 1. The source also said Williams left the police department at 4:30 p.m. that first day and was on Wallace Road at a seedy motel in South Nashville getting busted in a prostitution sting by Metro police 90 minutes later.

The following morning, Williams went to work at the Fairview Police Department and resigned.

Williams admitted to News 2 that he was there, but he was not going for sex. Williams said he has a bad back and was going for a massage.

News 2’s Andy Cordan said there was a lot of talk amongst upper level officers about firing Williams or allowing him to retire, which is eventually what happened.

Chief Harris did not return phone calls for reaction to this story.

News 2 also asked Williamson County D.A. Kim Helper if she could confirm that her office is investigating this case. She told me she cannot confirm that.