‘I remember the sound of my ribs breaking’: Cheatham County man describes being run over by Hummer


CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Cheatham County man run over by a hummer is sharing the nightmare he lived through.

“I knew it was coming for my head, there was no question about it,” John Pugh explained talking about the wheels of a several-thousand-pound Hummer.

“It rolled over my femur and the incredible loud snap of that bone that was the first moment I knew I was probably going to die.”

On June 3rd his life changed forever. “I can tell it piece by piece because I didn’t lose consciousness which part of that I’m mad about,” he said.

It was around 4:00 in the afternoon, when he saw the driver of an orange Hummer acting erratically in the parking lot of his Franklin office.

“All of a sudden she put it in reverse and slammed it into a van hard enough to lift it off the ground,” Pugh explained.

He went to check on the driver. “She was mumbling, very hard to talk to, she was fidgeting with her hand just didn’t know what to do with herself.”

He says she then gave him the coldest five-second stare, threw the Hummer in reverse, and then gunning it straight at him. He said the bumper knocked him to the pavement. 

“Then I remember the front tire. I remember it rolling over me. I remember the sound of my ribs breaking.”

He was unable to move and then watched as the second wheel came next.

“My ribs [were] crushed and my collar bone had already been run over, so there wasn’t anything I could do except just wait for it. It missed my head by maybe three inches,” said Pugh.

Franklin police say the driver, Bianca Bankston, left the scene, leaving Pugh’s body crushed.

“My femur bone is broken in five places. I have a foot-long steel rod in there from the surgery. I’ve got 38 staples on the side of my leg.”

He also has eight broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and a collapsed lung among a number of other injuries.

Franklin police arrested Bankston not far from the scene, saying she was impaired.

While Pugh is still not able to walk, he has a warrior mindset, and today he is counting his blessings. “This mess will be my message, I will not be a victim I will be victorious, right? This test will be my testimony.”

While he admits there is a long road ahead, he says this tragedy will be his triumph. After spending nearly a week in Vanderbilt’s trauma unit, Pugh is now recovering at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Franklin.

“It’s really hard to put into words the care that I’ve received here. Every single person I’ve encountered, it’s almost like compassion comes in before they do.”

While Pugh is hoping to walk again, the driver was released from Williamson County Jail Tuesday morning and transferred to Davidson County Jail.

Metro police tell News 2 she was wanted for failure to book on a charge for leaving the scene of another accident with injury last July. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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