CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two deputies injured in a violent confrontation with the same dangerous suspect last week are both back on the job.

You’ll recall that a Montgomery County deputy was overpowered and his squad car stolen last week during a traffic stop.

That resulted in a two-county chase and a felony takedown in Cheatham County. But not before Cheatham County Deputy Ken Miller was almost killed.

Lt. Miller was attempting to put down a spike strip when suddenly the bad guy came roaring right at him.

“I look up and there he is. He’s coming around the curve, at 50 or 60 mph at me.”

On Dec. 9, drug suspect Andrew Timmerman fought Montgomery County Sgt. Daniel Gagnon and stole his squad car after a traffic stop.

Lt. Miller says he heard the call come out and started shadowing the suspect’s path trying to cut him off as he entered Cheatham County.

“The whole time he is coming toward where I am running,” Miller says.

Miller began setting up the spike strips on Triangle road.

“As I’m running across the road, I get to the edge of the road where there’s gravel and dirt and the grass and ended up falling.”

That’s when Miller says, the fleeing felon in the stolen squad car is barreling right at him. The husband and father of four says everything slowed down as he thought about his position, the vehicle, his family, and his kids.

“I was thinking ok, keep moving. If I can get hit on the lower half of the body, I can survive that. It hurts. It’s gonna suck. But I can survive that. If I get hit in the top part of my body that is probably not survivable. And then I was struck in the back by the bumper. It knocked the breath out of me. I figure he was doing between 15 and 30 mph when he hit me.”

Injured and laying on the side of the road, Miller radios Timmerman’s position to swarming law officers.

Dashcam showed the end of the chase as Timmerman attempted to drive over an embankment to avoid waiting Cheatham deputies.

The Squad Car front end wedged in the culvert and the chase is over.

Timmerman was taken into custody without incident. Miller says that it is fortunate considering the stolen vehicle contained the SWAT officer’s weapons.

Miller suffered injuries that will take a few weeks to heal.

“I have a broken rib on this side, broke in my back and tore the connective tissue in the front where the rib attaches to your breastplate and that is torn, that is really painful. I have another broke rib that comes up under my right shoulder.”

Though he’s in pain, Miller says he is happy to be back on the job.

“I love what I do sir. I really do. This is a calling.”

Timmerman will be charged in both Montgomery and Cheatham county.

Montgomery County Sgt. Daniel Gagnon who fought with the suspect during the traffic stop is also healed and back on the job.