CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Chattanoogans are trying to make sense of a tragic shooting that took the lives of five servicemen.

Residents went to mourn those who died Saturday at makeshift memorials outside the two military facilities where the gunman opened fire.

“My heart goes out to these people and these families. I came by here this morning to show my respects,” said Bill Hatfield Jr., a Sequatchie County Commissioner.

American flags, balloons and flowers were placed throughout the area. Crosses were placed in memory of each of the 4 Marines who were killed, and just as it seemed the grieving process could begin, word came Saturday morning that Naval Petty Officer Randall Smith succumbed to his injuries at the age of 24.

“It’s just a tragedy. It’s just very sad. Let’s you know that there’s all kind of evil in the world. It’s just sad that somebody gets to that point, that they think they have to do that kind of thing,” Todd Ham told News 2.

Disbelief has riddled the area. “I wouldn’t feel like you would see a situation like this in a small to midsize town like Chattanooga,” said Hatfield.

Many people are now wondering what can be done to stop future attacks like this.

“[It] really bothers me and sickens me to see what’s going on with this – but I don’t know what we do about it,” said Hatfield. “Once you look at something like this, the things you take for granted each and every day, you have to kind of think about, you know – do I need to reflect? Have a little more appreciation for things I haven’t maybe in the past… You know, freedoms not free… right?”The community foundation of Chattanooga has set up a fund to support the families of the victims.