‘Chaos’ video shows tense moments as teen rams deputy’s car in high-speed Cheatham County pursuit


CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tense moments for a Cheatham County deputy who found himself in a pursuit with a teen that rammed his car multiple times. A pistol was also recovered from the scene.

“Law enforcement hates pursuits, contrary to popular belief. They are the most exciting and the most dangerous thing that we do. Just the liability of it, the fear of it, It’s just terrifying,” Lt. Ken Miller told News 2. 

Dashboard and body camera footage showing just how dangerous a day in the life of a deputy can be. Deputy Paul Ivey keeping his composure in a situation that could have ended much worse.

Wednesday, following routine traffic monitoring a vehicle pursuit reaches close to 100 miles per hour.

“He saw a vehicle go by and he knew the man to not have a license and be involved in narcotic activities,” Lt. Miller explained. 

Behind the wheel, a 17-year-old rams Deputy Ivey’s car. The pursuit continues with the teen brake-checking the deputy.

“One of the things they try to do is wreck us out. You see him brake checking, he slams on his brake to try and get us to back off. That’s a common tactic that they use to try and get us to wreck.”

It didn’t work, the teen lost control and wrecked out, ramming the deputy’s car three times.

In the end, the two came head-to-head.

“The young man just floors it and comes at him, and at that point, it’s meet force with force. Air bags and tire smoke and engine smoke, it’s just at that time, it’s just chaos,” said Lt. Miller.

The suspect bailed from the car with the deputy running on foot behind him. The suspect runs through a field and falls in a hole before the officer tases him. 

“For us it’s a very effective tool. It beats having to fight with somebody, beats having to chase them down or hit them with a stick. It generally stops a fight, and we can get them in custody without having to hurt them or us.” Miller explained.

The suspect lying on the ground is heard crying to call his grandmother. Deputy Ivey is empathetic, understanding as he takes the teen into custody.

“Think of this he’s been hit, he’s had a car come at him head on, he’s chased this guy on foot not knowing why this guy is running, but he’s chased this guy on foot. His adrenaline has to be through the roof. He’s just like calm down, dude. It’s over, calm down, it’s ok.”

Lt. Miller praised Deputy Ivey’s actions that ended without any serious injuries. The 17-year-old was taken to Williamson County Juvenile Detention Center.

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