CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man on the sex offender registry for aggravated sexual battery was re-arrested Monday, accused of shooting a child with a pellet gun.

Cheatham County deputies got the call on Saturday, September 14.

The child’s mother, Brittany Nixon, showed News 2 pictures of her eldest son’s right arm where she said the pellet is still lodged and precariously close to nerves.

The 27-year-old mother told News 2, her son and his cousin were riding on an ATV around the neighborhood.

She said at some point, while around the corner, near Bobby Joe Peacher’s home, the man became agitated, shouting and chasing the children.

“I think if it would have hit anywhere else other than his arm, it could’ve been a lot worse than what we are going thru now. It is very devastating, and scary,” she said.

According to investigators, the 48-year-old yelled at the boys, chased them and then opened fire with a pellet gun.

Nixon told News 2 the projectile could’ve done more serious damage.

“His arms were like this,” she said showing how his arms were tightly wrapped around his midsection while riding. “So, it could have gone through his ribs and been more life-threatening.”

Nixon said her 11-year-old was struck in the right arm and the pellet is still lodged in the skin creating a difficult situation for doctors since the object is close to a nerve.

“He really felt like he was close to death, he was so freaked out and thought he was going to die,” she said.

Robert Green has lived in the neighborhood for 52 years and said the actions described do not sound like his neighbor across the street.

He said, “I think that is a crock of bull. because he never bothers nobody.”

The mother believes differently.

“He turned around on the four-wheeler and he saw the man was chasing him and he says he looked and saw in his hand a gun, and he squeezed his cousin tighter and said go and that is about the time he was shot,” she said.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Peacher was placed on the sex offender registry in 1991 for a violent aggravated sexual battery.

“I’m terrified; I’m pissed, I’m heartbroken, really. It is scary. I am scared to let my kids outside my own home,” she said.

Peacher is charged with two counts of aggravated assault.