CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man pleads for help on doorbell cam after being shot


PEORIA, Ariz. (KNXV/CNN) – Before Anthony desperately pleaded for help, he told his sister he thought he would take his last breath in a dirt lot.

“They told him to keep backing up and pointing the gun at him and then they just said it’s over. And he said just take me home. And they started shooting,” said Michelle, Anthony’s sister.

The 32-year-old was in town for the Fiesta Bowl.

He was still in his Buckeyes sweatshirt when he hobbled to Scott Sanders’ house.

“[He was] pounding on our front door. And then after that the gentleman ran,” said Sanders.

Anthony was bleeding, hopping fences, hoping for help, when he hit Jerry’s Ring doorbell just as the Phoenix firefighter was waking up.

“I took a very pessimistic approach,” said Jerry the homeowner.

Jerry immediately called 911 and watched Anthony closely.

“I could tell, he was hurt in some way shape or form. I couldn’t see any blood through his shirt, but I was starting to see it show up in random spots on the patio,” said Jerry.

The young man told Jerry…

“He told me he had been shot seven times. That was his best guess as to how many times someone had shot at him.”

The suspects are a 16-year-old, 17-year-old, and 18-year-old.

The oldest, Roderick Smith, an already convicted felon who allegedly confessed to carjacking Anthony, drove him to an ATM then shot him.

“He feels very lucky to be alive and he is extremely traumatized,” said Michelle, the victim’s sister.

“I’m glad to hear he’s okay…” said Jerry.

Doctors were able to remove the bullet, which was lodged in Anthony’s abdomen.

He’ll be in the hospital for several days.

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