NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As a musician, Nicholas Britt-Cunningham has grown to love and cherish his guitars, which is why this seemingly random crime came as a total shock.

“These are perfect guitars and just seeing how excited they were when they finally got into the storeroom that had the firearms, nothing else mattered, it was like we got what we needed let’s go,” said Britt-Cunningham.

His ring camera captured the moment the two men broke into his home, through the back door. Britt-Cunningham says he first knew something was wrong when he came home and found his door open. Immediately calling the police, he worried someone may still be inside.

“They used a saw to try to cut the bolt, and I’m not sure if they just cut enough to make it worth wild or what, but then they took four to five kicks as hard as they possibly could,” explained Britt-Cunningham, pointing out the damage left on his door after the thieves broke in.

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The two men walked past the camera several times, taking off with five guns. Britt-Cunningham says he kept the firearms in a locked storage area inside the home, used for gun training.

The thieves were able to steal some of his most prized guitars, signed by celebrities, including Anna Nicole Smith, making the crime personal.

“Just how noisy they were breaking in and kicking the door in that hard, and then kind of taking their time, one by one just throwing my possessions in the back of their trunk-like they didn’t matter,” said Britt-Cunningham, “you know the good people of Nashville, they never have me that record deal, I never got famous here, maybe they’ll help me at least get my property back.”

Now, he is hoping someone recognizes the two men caught on camera. Britt-Cunningham is offering a reward for anyone with information that leads to his property being returned. He is urging anyone with information to call the Metro Nashville Police Department.