Case against Joe Clyde's parents bound over to grand jury

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The case against Joe Clyde Daniels' parents was bound over to a grand jury Monday.  

Both Joseph and Krystal Daniels appeared in a Dickson County courtroom after being led through a sea of silent protesters.  

Both were handcuffed and wearing bulletproof vests as officers walked them through the crowd. Neither Joseph or Krystal Daniels let on to the protesters.  

The couple was arrested separately days after 5-year-old Joe Clyde was reported missing from their Dickson home two months ago.  

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Joseph Daniels was charged with criminal homicide on April 7 and Joe Clyde's mother, Krystal, was charged with aggravated child abuse two days later.  

An agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation revealed new details in the case during testimony Monday morning.  

Agent Joey Boyd said he initially began investigating the case as an endangered child since the TBI was told Joe Clyde had run away. Boyd though said he and authorities were simultaneously looking at foul play as a possibility.  

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According to Boyd, the boy's father, Joseph Daniels ultimately confessed to killing Joe Clyde and disposing of his body in a remote location. 

Agents searched the area where Daniels said he disposed of Joe Clyde's body, but the remains were not found. Agent Boyd said Joseph's story on where he put the little boy's body began to change, and he later said he threw him off a bridge into the Piney River. His remains still have not been found. 

Boyd also revealed the night Baby Joe was killed, his brother woke up his dad and said the 5-year-old had peed on the floor.  

Daniels told police he told his kids to get their a***s back to bed. When Joe Clyde started laughing, Agent Boyd said that's when his father started beating him.  

Joe Clyde ran out the door, with his father running after him. Police said a car driving by at the time saw Joe Clyde just before he was killed. Joseph Daniels grabbed his son, and authorities said he admitted to beating the boy to death when they returned home.  

The father said when he disposed of his son's body he had his wife's cell phone in his left hand and was using it as a flashlight.  

Both Joseph and Krystal Daniels have failed polygraph tests. Agent Boyd also revealed that Krystal Daniels confessed to knowing her son had been killed.  

She told investigators that when her son woke her and Joseph Daniels up, her husband told her he would handle it. She said she heard a loud scream and described it between a scream and a cry before there was silence.  

Agent Boyd said Krystal Daniels came out of her bedroom and saw Joe Clyde lying motionless on the ground with her husband standing over him with his fists clenched. She then went back to her room and came back out when she heard a car door shut.  

Once she saw they were gone and the car was gone, investigators said she went back to bed.  

Investigators said blood was found inside the couple's red Chevrolet Impala. Blood was also found on a hooded sweatshirt, pants and Joseph Daniels' shoes. No blood was found in the home.  

An attorney for Krystal Daniels said she did not abuse or help kill Joe Clyde. Agent Boyd agreed.  

Her attorney also asked the judge to dismiss the charge against her, saying there's no evidence that she failed to protect her son. Her attorney said Joe Clyde was beaten before she came out of the bedroom, so she wouldn't have been able to protect him.  

Her attorney also asked that Krystal Daniels' bond be reduced to $50,000. The prosecution argued she's a flight risk and a judge ultimately denied the request.  

Both Joseph and Krystal Daniels remain in custody.  

Before walking out of the courtroom Monday, Joseph Daniels looked back and smiled at his family.  

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