Campaign tackles distracted scooter riding


A nationwide distracted driving awareness campaign is thinking beyond cars to electric scooters.

“Distracted driving these days is not just distracted driving in a car,” said Cathy Lewandowski, AT&T Lead Public Relations Manager. ” We have partnered with Bird scooters to focus on electric scooter driving. We don’t want you to scoot distracted.”

That’s the new twist on AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, going on its eighth year.

A video circulating online highlights the the dangers of scooting distracted.

In a statement, Bird said “Smartphone usage while driving or scooting is a dangerous mix. We urge everyone, regardless of their transportation mode, to stay alert and keep both hands on the steering wheel or handlebars.”

According to the telecommunications company, 87-percent of people using smartphones are texting and driving.

Lewandowski said the partnership with Bird came as scooters have become a popular go-to for “last mile” transportation in cities like Nashville.

She shared three tips to scooter safely, starting with putting your phone down.

“Second, be a smart rider,” said Lewandowski. “We have free helmets available for you from Bird. They will send you a free helmet. All you have to do is pay for shipping. Third thing is, pay attention. It’s not worth to look at your phone while you’re driving or scootering 15 miles per hour. Save a life, it’s just not worth it.”

To help keep you off your phones, there’s a free app called AT&T DriveMode.

It works when you drive your car or ride a scooter and automatically silences any alerts or phone calls when you go more than 15 miles per hour.

To get a helmet from Bird, you can order one on the Bird app.

It Can Wait Campaign:

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