Bystanders stop man trying to steal wheelchair


PHOENIX (CNN) — Austin Shurbutt, age 26, was arrested Saturday afternoon after pushing a woman out of a wheelchair on a train and trying to steal it.

In a video released by the Phoenix Police Department, Shurbutt can be seen getting up from his seat on the train as it pulls into the station. At first, it seems he’s trying to push the woman off the train, but when she resists, he then throws her out of the wheelchair, running off the train with it.

Concerned passengers jumped in to help, some helping the woman up while others give chase. Shurbutt abandoned the wheelchair and continued to run.

Thanks to the footage provided by the train station, he was apprehended shortly after the incident.

Shurbutt faces charges of assault, robbery, and kidnapping in addition to two unrelated outstanding warrants he had at the time.

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