‘Broken’: Dickson County Sgt. loses home, breaks back rescuing his family


WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sergeant Kenny “Bucky” Monzon is always one to help out. He’s been with the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office for nearly two decades, but after Saturday’s historic rain he finds himself on the other side of the story. 

“I just never thought it would be me,” Sgt. Monzon began to cry.  

In a matter of hours, everything the family had worked for was washed away. 

“That’s basically all the furniture right there,” he pointed to a pile of rubbage saying it’s just stuff. 

On Saturday his family of six, including his 5-month-old grand-baby found themselves clinging to life on the roof of their modular home. 

“The baby was crying, she was scared to death. Of course, she could sense everybody else’s anxiety.”  

The rain continued to beat down on the family, lightning striking around the metal roof, as their yard filled up like a lake. Minutes felt like hours as they waited on a neighbor with a rescue boat. While huddled on the roof they witnessed a shipping container that weighs more than 8,000 pounds get swept away by the water and that’s when Bucky feared what could be next. 

“It just started floating towards the road. All I could think was the house is next and we got to get out of here,” Bucky told News 2. “We weren’t going to just sit there and die we were going to try and get out of there one way or another.”

A neighbor brought a boat, but as the sergeant was making his way down the ladder the deck broke loose and he fell, breaking his back. 

“I was hurting so bad I wanted to lay there, but I knew I had to get them off the roof so I got up and helped them down and got them on the boat,” he teared up. 

The man that’s used to saving others saved his family Saturday but lost everything else. 

“Basically everything, everything except the clothes, everything else is gone,” he said. 

The community hero downplayed his actions.

“I didn’t feel like I saved anybody, I just felt like I was taking care of my family.” 

However, his quick actions are top of mind with each smile on his grandbaby’s face.

“My 5-month-old granddaughter, every time she laughs or giggles I think about those two babies in Waverly and it just breaks your heart,” he cried.  

On Tuesday, the conversation with his daughter was still tough, weighing heavy on his heart. 

“She said daddy when we were on the roof she said I thought I’m going to die, we are going to die right here and I said I’m not going to lie to you when the container floated away I said I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.” 

Although thankful to be alive, Bucky said he is broken at a time when he wants to help his community more than ever. 

“I’m broke. I can’t do this by myself. I’m physically broken and this is going to be financially breaking,” he explained. 

Bucky was best friends with Dickson County Sgt. Daniel Baker who was brutally murdered. He is like family to the Bakers so they helped launch a fundraising page as Bucky’s family looks to start over. For more information click here

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