NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s no secret Nashville has become the bachelorette capital, with the “whoo-hoo girls” as they’re often referred to, coming to Broadway to celebrate.

A Nashville filmmaker was fascinated by this trend and the city’s response to these women, so he decided to make a documentary about it.

“You either love them or you hate them, but they’re pretty hard to ignore. I think sort of the catalyst or like the jumping off point for the film is everyone in Nashville has an opinion on them, right? And it tends to skew more towards we don’t like them,” said Ben Oddo, a local filmmaker.

Oddo said he really wanted to focus on something specific with this phenomenon.

“So I kind of wanted to dive a little deeper and see are they really as bad as people say they are that they deserve the vilification?”

Oddo calls the film “60 minutes meets The Daily Show” and features him following a real bachelorette party around town with a camera crew. He called the result surprising.

“I wanted us to really reexamine what are we getting mad at here? Who, is it worth getting mad? What can we do to create the city more in our image if we are upset? So, yeah, I’m essentially just a hero,” Oddo said jokingly.

The tongue-in-cheek piece features local leaders and business owners as well.

Another hard-to-ignore fact about the bachelorettes is their impact on our economy; the bachelorette industry is worth an estimated $11.3 billion. 

“So we forget that Broadway is actually a lot of fun for like a 48-hour, 72-hour period, but the whole piece is really about a couple things,” Oddo said. “It’s about the bachelorette culture, but it’s also about the effect it’s had on our city and old Nashville versus new Nashville.”

The film titled, Nashville Bachelorettes: A Ben Oddo Investigation, premiered Thursday at the Belcourt Theater, but it will also be available to watch online soon. For more information check