NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A security guard on Lower Broadway is being hailed a hero. Metro Police Chief John Drake wanted to personally thank the man himself.

“It was my honor, it was something I wanted to do because it touched my hurt because so many people could have just stood by and waited to see what would happen, but he sprang into action,” Chief Drake said.

He’s talking about Michael Kuhn who we introduced you to earlier this week.

New bodycam footage shows the moment Michael Kuhn, a security guard on Lower Broadway, jumped from a window and onto a suspect who tried to pull a gun on Metro officers.

“It could have been a mass shooting, officers could have been hurt, tourists but by his actions it saved lives,” Chief Drake said.

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Chief Drake wanted to meet the hero himself, so he did just that Friday while Kuhn was back on the job once again.

“It’s amazing that no one got hurt, not even the individual that pulled it. We could be talking about a mass shooting of several tourists or officers and officers’ lives lost. Instead, we are talking about a hero that jumped from a windowsill to save everyone,” Drake said.

Kuhn told News 2 that this kind of instinct came naturally.

“I’m a 20-year veteran for the United States Army,” Kuhn said.

The man who he tackled, 19-year-old Christopher Quintero, is facing six aggravated assault counts, unlawful gun possession, gun possession while under the influence, public intoxication and marijuana possession charges.

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He is being held on $53,000 bond.