NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Even though Saturday’s loss left Titans fans heartbroken, many are still finding reasons to celebrate. Not only did the Titans make it to the top of their division, but Saturday was a major win for Nashville’s economy. 

Between the Titans’ and Predators’ games, businesses hustled to keep up with demand.  

“In the entire building today we’re going to do a little over 1,000 reservations from upstairs and downstairs, and for staff we have a little bit over 200 staff coming in starting at 6 a.m. to leaving at probably 4 o’clock in the morning, so pretty much a 22-hour operation and guests all day, every day,” said Nick Bill, Director of Operations of the Twelve Thirty Club.  

Saturday further cemented Nashville both as a sports city and a tourism destination.  

Businesses say they’ve come to expect crowds like the thousands of sports fans that visited downtown on Saturday. Bill said the playoffs were a welcomed break from the smaller crowds he’s used to seeing during the winter months, but he said the Twelve Thirty Club is already preparing for their busy season. They are currently offering new incentives to recruit more staff

“As we go into the March through October months and we have our rooftop that’s about to open, we have to really prepare for that. It’s going to be another full-service restaurant and bar, so we’re looking to hire close to 100 new people,” Bill said.  

“I’ve never been to Nashville before, so we’ve definitely just had a blast just like talking to people, sharing stuff about our lives, connecting, and just amazing. No matter what team you’re on, we’re all just having a good time and talking and celebrating,” Bengals fan Angela Speeks said.  

Despite the loss, die-hard fans still noted the team’s accomplishments this season. Anthony Shannon and Adam Holloway from Murfreesboro brought both their Titans and Predators gear downtown Saturday. After attending the Titans’ game, the two headed over to Bridgestone arena.  

“I’m excited to have the Preds here, also the Titans, and I’m really excited going forward that we built on this year, even with all the injuries [that we] made it this far,” Shannon said.  

That same energy continues to feed the momentum of the city.  

“You can see it, you can feel it just on the drive-in, when you’re walking to work, everyone’s really excited, Tennessee making it this far in the playoffs,” Bill said. “It’s just something that invigorates the entire city and we’re looking to continue to ride that high, ride that wave.” 

In total, more than 69,200 people attended the Titans’ game at Nissan Stadium on Saturday.