NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville musician is still looking for his beloved guitar a month after being robbed between performances.

At the end of March, Dustin McKee left a gig and drove downtown to play another show on Broadway. He parked at the corner of 3rd and Peabody and left his blue custom-made bass guitar inside.

When he returned to his car at 3 a.m., he found the windows smashed and the instrument gone, along with a laptop and marketing materials for his band “The Reveal.”

“It’s got like a moon and several stars up on the neck. It’s got some lighting bolts on the neck. It’s mainly blue and gold and black,” McKee said.

The guitar was a gift from McKee’s dad who’s going through cancer treatments.

“He’s been in and out of the hospital, so there’s a lot of meaning to it,” McKee said.

McKee says he called 911, but the police did not respond right away.

“The officer basically said this isn’t a big enough deal for us to mess with right now. There’s people being murdered, there’s people being raped around town, there’s a lot bigger fish to fry than the guy who stole your bass,” McKee said.

So, McKee took matters into his own hands and started looking for the guitar in downtown Nashville. Eventually, he found it in a homeless camp under the pedestrian bridge, but the man holding the instrument wouldn’t give it back.

The pair got into a fight and the man told McKee he could buy the guitar back from him for $500.

Eventually, McKee left empty-handed and frustrated at the lack of police availability downtown and those suffering from homelessness.

“Parts of me wants to see justice served and [that’s] the part that you’re probably all thinking. But at the same time, I want to see the problem solved. I want to see that man go out and live a good life where he doesn’t have to steal from anyone else anymore,” McKee said.

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McKee’s bass guitar is still missing. If you see it call Metro police.