NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We often picture Broadway as a sea of people at local bars, and while that’s true for a majority of the day, there is an afternoon hour where families file out and partiers pack in.

Those who work on the main strip of Lower Broadway told News 2 there is a transitional hour at around 4 o’clock. That’s especially true Monday through Wednesday, where the typical crowds and pedal taverns that pack the area Thursday through Sunday are nowhere to be found, and people are still coherent and willing to chat.

“I love it here. It’s an open community. People are friendly here; they’re talking. It’s the atmosphere,” said tourist Chad Savage from Indiana, who’s been to Nashville numerous times and comes to Broadway before the nightlife picks up to take in the sights and sounds. “There’s so much historic stuff here other than this downtown strip that people miss out on when they come here. Take a moment to walk two blocks.”

News 2 then met up with Dennis Breedlove, known around town as “Reaper”. After finishing a tour, he’s busy making deliveries.

“I’m a truck driver driving on the Garth Brooks tour, which is now over,” Breedlove said. “Driving back up here dropping off sound equipment that’s going to go across the pond over to Ireland where he’s going to play over there.”

A 24-year-old from France was invited to visit Nashville for breaking a world record, skating from California to New York City in 45 days.

“I skated across the country to raise funds and awareness for skin diseases I survived when I was younger,” said hockey player Louis Chaix. “I’m in touch with the research center here at Vanderbilt University where all the funds are directed to.”

Chaix was also invited to throw out the first pitch at a Nashville Sounds baseball game, serving as living proof that Music City attracts all types of people from around the world.