NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Copper, generators and air conditioners are among the items stolen in a string of business break-ins in South Nashville.

Four businesses near the intersection of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Pike tell News 2 they were hit by thieves in the last month. 

“We had some folks cut into the fence and steal copper; copper pipe, copper wire,” pointed out Jason Cornwell, Owner and President of Advance Mechanical Contractors.

It’s all caught on camera — thieves taking loads of copper from the business. 

“They stole a lot of new copper, just crushed it up, bent it up and hauled it off like it was scrap,” he explained. 

Cornwell says the suspects also broke a work truck window and took tools, saying they burglarized his business four or five times in a one-week period. 

“Multiple times yeah, from August 7th to August 14th we have them on video camera.”

Cornwell calls their actions brazen. The video shows two men and a woman taking from the lot, sometimes at night and others during the middle of the day. In one video, you see a man lugging a 20-foot stick of copper.

“Yeah, brazen. They’ve been doing it, they hit us for a week or more and then they are out here walking around in broad daylight,” he explained. 

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The neighboring business, Collier Engineering, was also hit. An employee told News 2 thieves cut their back chain link fence, stole from personal and work vehicles and even took a generator. The business also captured the criminals on camera.

Further down Nolensville Pike, the owner of a building that’s under construction says thieves also stole copper from them and then came back another day, taking several air conditioning units. They stole around $40,000 in goods.

A Facebook post with surveillance photos posted in the 16th District caught the attention of neighbors who have helped in identifying some of the people seen in the photos. Images of the suspects from that burglary appear to be the same ones that hit Advance Mechanical Contractors.

Cornwell says he still sees the suspects regularly roaming the area. He hopes to raise awareness for other business owners to be on the lookout. 

“It’s invasive, it’s frustrating,” he explained.  

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Metro police told News 2 they were able to get fingerprints from at least two of the break-ins and are following strong leads.