Bone Brothers mean a lot to Vol Hoops and each other


Tennessee basketball took down No. 1 Gonzaga earlier this year. The last time they topped a top-ranked opponent was in 2011. Although it happened seven years apart, there was one thing in common with those teams.

This year’s squad had Jordan Bone and the 2011 team had his older brother Josh Bone.

“Yeah just get a Bone on your team and you’ll win,” said Josh Bone.

Well, it has worked for Tennessee teams past and present. But now, VFL Josh Bone is working toward a career on the sideline. He’s currently in his first season serving as the video coordinator for Tennessee State men’s basketball. 

“I’m glad I’m learning it now, early in my coaching career so I can move forward and have that under my resume,” he said.

When he’s not clipping film each day, he spends his time watching his Alma Mater have similar success he had as a player.

“It’s been a lot of times in the past where we had great success as well, but now I think it’s even on a higher level now,” he said. “So it’s a fun time in Tennessee.”

He also has another interest in the Vols – his brother, Jordan.

“Man, he’s amazing. That’s the number one reason that I tune in every game and I know the coaching staff here they probably get mad at me at times because we’ll be on the bus to our game and I’m checking in to see little bro, and my wife, she even gets mad at me at times for talking to him more than I talk to her at times, but I just like to keep up with him.”

They keep up a lot.

“We talk every day, multiple times a day, that’s my guy. We’re just like the same person we have the same path, we look just alike, same hair and that’s my best friend so it’s kind of like I love what he’s doing and I’m proud of him.”

He’s also proud of his former team and sees a lot of similarities to his group that made it all the way to the Elite 8.

“They love each other, we loved each other and if you love each other, you play hard as a team and on top of the talent that you have. I do see a lot of resemblance in our team just because of how hard we fought for each other every day and I don’t know, it’s kind of becoming a trend for Tennessee basketball and I love it,” said Josh Bone.

He can and will continue to cheer on the Vols and his brother, but now his focus is on what’s next.

“It’s good to be on this side just to see how everything works and learn as much as I can so when I become a head coach one day, I’ll have those things to jot down and fall back on.”

His brother factors into his future, too.

“When he’s done with his career he can come work for me. Yeah, he’d probably be my first hire.”

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