DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Dickson County Judge has set bond for Erika Castro-Miles at $750,000. 

Castro-Miles is the woman who investigators say was sitting in the car when Steven Wiggins allegedly shot and killed Sgt. Daniel Baker of the Dickson County Sheriff’s Department. 

Both are charged with murder in the death of Sgt. Baker last May.

At a bond hearing in Dickson Friday morning, Miles claimed she played no role in the murder and was nothing more than a puppet of Steve Wiggins.  

Eric Yow, defense attorney for Castro-Miles tried to paint his client as someone who loves her children, volunteered at an animal shelter, and has a good relationship with her ex-husband. 

Yow said she had been addicted drugs in the past but was clean now. He claimed her only blemish was the time she spent with Steven Wiggins. 

Castro-Miles said, “I always wanted to be a veterinarian, If I could just get my GED I’d probably go back to school and get my veterinarian license. I volunteer at animal shelters. Animals are very good therapy, especially for people who are recovering addicts.”  

It is not likely at Castro-Miles will get out of jail. Her attorney said she does not have that kind of money. 

Sgt. Baker’s widow, Lisa, watched the hearing from the courtroom. She told News 2:

The Judge setting a bond for Erica Castro-Miles should in no way be considered a win for her defense, nor should it reflect that she is in anyway less guilty. In my opinion, it was her actions that set everything in motion. I do not think we need to be worried that she will actually make bail. As I understand it, if someone tries to post bail for her it has to be from an approved source and granted by the court.  

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News 2 talked to Castro-Miles in an exclusive jailhouse interview last May. She told News 2 she didn’t know Wiggins had a gun when Baker was killed. 

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An autopsy showed Baker suffered six gunshot wounds – two to his torso, one to his hand and three to the side of his head.  Testimony revealed he was shot in close range and that Baker was not wearing a bulletproof vest at the time.  

According to the TBI agent’s testimony, Wiggins reportedly said about Baker’s shooting death, “It was like a dog and he didn’t want him to suffer.” 

At some point after the shooting, Baker was placed in the back seat of his own patrol car.  

A TBI agent said shortly after the shooting, Wiggins pretended to be Sgt. Baker as he drove away in his patrol car with the sergeant’s body in the back, telling dispatch, “I’m good.” 

The agent said Baker’s uniform was found burned and a separate fire was set in the front seat of the patrol car.  

Wiggins was taken into custody on June 1 after a massive manhunt. 

Baker is survived by his wife and young daughter, Meredith

Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe called Sgt. Baker one of his “best deputies.”  

“… He’s one of the ones who put it on the line every day to keep our community safe,” Sheriff Bledsoe said.