Bodycam footage captures tense moments for SWAT at Bridge Building in July Fourth blast zone


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tense moments were captured on body camera footage as Metro SWAT officers were called to the Bridge Building downtown on July 4.

The 16-minute video shows the moment the officers responded to the building to the time they find themselves in harm’s way.

Eight SWAT officers responded to clear the building with guns drawn.

“Metro police, I see you! Come to me now. Show me your hands. Come to me now,” you hear an officer yell as they get off on the 4th floor of the event space.

A woman calmly comes inside from the rooftop, seconds later, with her hands up.

“Officer, I work here,” she says as the security guard acknowledges her.

Commands for her friends on the other hand, take a couple of more minutes.

“Metro police, come to me now,” an officer demands later, asking if he was yelling loud enough.

The group was planning to watch the fireworks show in the rented out, closed building with claims they were unaware it was in the blast zone. The CEO of Infinity Hospitality saying the scene was traumatizing for his employee.

“They walk in and see people with guns and lights. If that happened at your office, how would you react? So, they got scared, people coming into their work that they just parked and walked into,” CEO Nathaniel Beaver explained.

The ordeal delayed the fireworks show.

“Y’all realize they are holding up the fireworks show for y’all? Like literally, the entire city is waiting for this,” one of the officers is heard saying to the group.

Once the group was cleared from the building, body camera footage shows frustration from the officers.

“So, they aren’t even going to prosecute those dudes?” one of the officers asks, later saying, “Well, they need to be fired at least.”

Just minutes later, the officers find themselves caught in the blast zone. As you hear the fireworks start to blast in the sky, one officer asks, “What is that?”

Another yells, “Metro police” before realizing the loud booms are fireworks.

The police helicopter can be heard on the video footage circling close by, the crew also caught off guard as the fireworks lit up the sky.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. The chain of events prompting the Nashville Fire Department to change protocol for future events.

The CEO of Infinity Hospitality opted to donate the Bridge Building next year to the city and assure that it is properly secured. He says it’s a $50,000 donation.

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