Body falls from hearse onto busy Huntsville area street


DECATUR, Ala. (WKRN) – Motorist were shocked Tuesday when a body fell out of the back of a hearse and onto a busy street just outside Huntsville, Alabama.

A viewer sent photos of the accident to WKRN’s sister station WAAY.

WAAY reporters interviewed a motorist who helped place the body back into the hearse.

“When they had me get closer I realized that it was an actual body inside the cardboard box that had looked like it just kind of fell out the hearse,” said Daniel Smith.

The funeral home that was transporting the body reportedly said the incident was due to a mechanical failure and will look into it. The funeral home also said it is taking care of the family whose loved one was in the hearse.

Smith said he was shaken by what he saw but simply put himself in the place of the person’s family.

“I decided to help because if that was your family member you wouldn’t want them laying there on the road,” added Smith.

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