MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Maury County commissioner of six years is livid after being pulled over by a Mt. Pleasant police officer last month.

The traffic stop took place June 29, the day after a molten aluminum spill last month on highways 243 and 43.

Because of the spill, the Tennessee Department of Transportation had to close part of the road in order to resurface it. Mt. Pleasant police were on the scene to watch out for worker safety.

Several cars were pulled over and given warnings, including the commissioner.

Sgt. Ray Odom pulled over William Roddy’s red pickup for violating the state’s Move Over law.

The officer’s body camera caught the entire stop on film. Initially, 76-year-old Roddy gets out of his truck to protest the stop.Part of the conversation went as follows:

Officer: Sir, can I get you to step back in your car? Sir, step back in your vehicle.

Commissioner: What did you stop me for?

Officer: The Move Over law. Sir, the reason I pulled you over – you didn’t pull over.

Commissioner: I moved over. I was over two lanes. The reason I moved over. You are a damn liar; you are a damned liar.

Officer: If I could see your driver license, registration and insurance, sir.

Commissioner: You’re a ****-sucker. I’ll get your *** before it’s over with. Write that down. I want you to make you hear that.

Commissioner: You are a damn liar. I know exactly what I was doing. You want to **** with someone. That’s all you want to do is **** with someone. You ain’t for ****.

Officer: You have your registration?

Commissioner: I don’t know if I have it or not.

Officer: Thank you, sir. I’ll be right back with you.

Sgt. Odom then gave Roddy a verbal warning, not a ticket.

Officer: If you come up on them, if you could move to the far lane.

Commissioner: **** you!

Officer: Have a good day. God bless.

Commissioner Roddy was one of 10 vehicles pulled over that day. He filed a complaint with the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

Chief Mike Hay told News 2 he reviewed the stop, and Sgt. Odom violated no procedure or policy.

He did a good job. He was polite and courteous. I found that Odom didn’t violate any policy or procedure. The case is closed,” Hay explained.

This is not the first encounter between Roddy and Sgt. Odom. In 2013, the officer stopped the commissioner for running a stop sign.

Roddy was ultimately arrested for stalking Odom’s wife. The charges were later dropped.

The police officer’s vehicles were also vandalized, a crime that was never solved.

News 2’s Andy Cordan found the 76-year-old commissioner relaxing in a chair in his yard on Monday.

“I had enough of him and I was angry, and I’ll be angry, and I’m not angry at no police, at nobody but him,” Roddy told News 2.

He said the stop is part of a conspiracy against him that he alleges has been on-going for three years.

“He was harassing me, for going on three years. Every time he sees me, he will stop me; I’m waiting now to file charges on him,” Roddy said. “He can’t do nothing without him stopping me. He said I didn’t move over; the work was on Highway 243, not on Highway 43. It was not a move over incident.”

When Roddy was told the chief backs his officer, he replied, “He will take up for him, and I will take up for myself. No, I was not cited, but I had a right to travel that road.”

Roddy also said he complained to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which says it does not have a request from the district attorney general to investigate his allegations. He also says he plans to file a lawsuit.

The chief told News 2 there is no truth to Roddy’s allegations.