You may be surprised to see some of the items TSA officers have discovered in passenger bags at the airport, but TSA agents aren’t surprised one bit.

From oversized scissors and blades to fireworks and firearms, you name it and it’s probably turned up at a security checkpoint.

In 2017 TSA confiscated 89 firearms. So far in 2018 TSA has found 56. The most recent firearm was found on Friday.

Nashville International Airport ranks in the top 20 for gun catches. Tennessee also ranks in the top ten for gun catches. (Meaning TSA discovers these guns at their security checkpoints) 

TSA agents say the best tip is to check your bag and remove your firearms before you head to the airport. 

TSA will allow passengers to mail most weapons or leave them behind. According to officials most people are in a hurry and end up leaving their belongings behind.