NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Organizers from a variety of coalitions in the Nashville area announced a Black Lives Matter mural will be painted in the Downtown area.

“The reason why we want the mural to point towards downtown, ‘Black Lives Matter’, when you look downtown at those buildings none of those buildings are owned by a Black person. So we have to reclaim what space we have,” said Grayce Gadson, a member of Black Lives Matter Nashville.

The mural will be painted on October 17th on Woodland Street between Interstate Drive and N 1st Street.

Black Lives Matter Nashville is one of the 40 coalitions and nonprofits that have contributed to raising funds for the over 200-foot long mural.

“We’re not using city funds to do this. This is not the city’s project,” said John Smith, head of marketing for the mural.

Gadson added, “Residents were afraid that it was going to be funded by the city, that is cash strapped right now, but what we found out is that the community has the ability to do this [and so] any cooperation we had with the city was to merely get through the public works process in closing the streets here.”

Prominent artist and muralist, Thaxton Waters II, will lead a group of artists to help create the painting. Community members are also encouraged to help.

Other “Black Lives Matter” murals have been completed across the country; some have been vandalized by those who disagree with the movement or the message.

Organizers told News 2 that they aren’t worried for Nashville’s future mural. “This mural will be monitored and anybody that vandalizes it will be prosecuted,” said Smith.

News 2 reached out to Metro Public Works public to confirm how long the section of Woodland Street will be closed to traffic.

To donate to the mural click here.